Monday, March 11, 2013

The End of The World

Human Life as we know it!
By:Josie Houle

Authors notes
1. I want my readers to hear that what is going on in this world can affect them at anytime, and that you should always be prepared for any catastrophe. I am not looking in to change the world with a short story essay, all i want is for my readers to know that things can happen!
2. Writing my short story allowed me to use creativity and open my mind. I have so much of that though that i find it hard to write a “short”story.
trying to come up with the detail.
3. I found my story to be very time consuming, i would have to say that the hardest part was trying to
4.  my feedback should sound however the reader feels about it.                                                               

As we know it our world is tortured with cruel things every day. Rape, murder, war, money, food and so much more. The question is how much longer do we have until people get sick of it all?

I woke up with a scream in my ear, “mommy, mommy wake up”. My daughter Lilly had screamed in my ear that had shrieked for 4 years now. I am use to it but it never gets old. I slid out of bed and walked out to the kitchen letting the smell of coffee lead me. It better not be the cheap kind my husband likes to buy sometimes I hate that kind. My son Liam started looking at the TV funny; I’ve never seen him do that. I walked out to the TV and the news was on, I saw a whole entire mob of people at banks showing different locations. They were yelling than it showed people at the white house and other important places, I never payed any attention to what they were called in school.  “Honey” I said “what is this even about”, “hold on” he said “I’ll be right there”. The news was live and then I saw people getting hurt I then realized that this was pretty much where I live. My husband walked in and was astounded from the news. I saw a very worried look in his eyes which made me worried, than I said “what are we gonna do”.
The phone rang and it was the town of Albany I answered it. “Hello” I said, “hello, we want to inform you that you should either take shelter or evacuate the town because we are having a catastrophic (economic collapse). You and your family are in immediate danger and you need to do everything that you can to stay safe and we wish you the best of luck. If you need shelter the public schools, libraries and or hospitals are in ideal place to go, please find the appropriate place to benefit you and any neighbors, friends, family or pets thank you. My head felt like it was under the most pressure ever, “kids, and honey” oh no we need help, no no no no”! I said.*$#! #$&**%$! I said screaming nasty stuff everywhere, my husband took me and held me and told me everything was gonna be ok, I felt scared where were we going to go? My husband said “do you remember my mom”? “Yes” I said, “well she lives in a small town so we could go there” he said. “Where does she live in I said. “In Wendell MA” he said, “well I’ve never heard it so I guess”. I went into the kid’s room and started to pack their bags for them and then Lilly and Liam came in. “mom what's going on”? Lilly said.  “Yeah” said Liam, “well it’s difficult I said but we have to go and you have to listen to everything me and dad say”. Whatever happens I love you so much and I will not let anything bad happen to you guys I stood there holding them for a few moments”.
I finished packing my kids bags bringing pretty much everything that they owned. “Now we're going to grandma’s house so be on your best behavior” I said. The kids knotted, and me and my husband packed we also loaded food and everything we thought that we needed into the car. I know that this situation is going to be the end of our human sanity that we once had. At least for those who want to keep their sanity? Once we got everything loaded into the car we hit the road. The first 10 minutes of the car ride were much quit.
As we got about halfway to grandma GGs house I started seeing lots of people walking thru the woods, and also noticed that we were one of the only cars on the road. I started to get scared that someone was going to jump out at us and I just couldn’t help but make a little yelp. My husband Sam looked at me funny I whispered to him what I saw so that the kids would not hear. He said not to worry about it I could not believe what I was dealing with, I could not believe it. I couldn’t relax or breathe or even think Wright. All of the sudden I saw someone on the middle of the road.
They just stood there with a gun pointed tort us. My heart dropped, they shot at our car and my husband screamed out “duck”. He stepped on the breaks and then we came to a stop. Someone opened the door and dragged Sam out. They shot him right on the spot, I wanted to scream but they would hear me. “Honey, Honey” Sam woke me up I guess I was dreaming, thank god too because if that was real then I don’t know what I would do! We pulled up this grassy driveway with stones and pebbles embedded in the ground. It was I nice small place and I actually found it intriguing it was a long driveway and it seemed safe and looked safe. As we pulled up to the house there was no sign of interference, so I felt better. We all get out of the car and we head to the door. Sam walks up and knocks on the door, his mother opens with a concerned look on her face. Sam said “can we please stay here for while until everything is cleared up”. Well what needs to be cleared up Hun?
Sam explained to her that people are going crazy because we were having an economic collapse. She let us all in and we unloaded, she had the perfect place almost like she bought it in preparation for us. It was just turning from nightmare now to a good dream. I felt so happy and so did my husband, all I could think about now was how long this thing would last. There was a slam and voices outside and we ran to the window there was about 20 people outside the house yelling out “surrender your house” I was happy that my husband parked the car in the garage.               

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  1. 1. That there was a bad storm coming to a small town in new york city.
    2. The main character changes over the course of this story by vending their life and trying to save there loved ones.
    3. My favorite part is probably the begging when they get the call from the town, I don't know why I just think the way it sounds from reading it is very interesting.
    4. Overall I think that there wasn't a best quality in this tale. This story had equally good parts throughout the whole entire story.
    5. This storys theme was I think a ton of different emotions there were kind of mixed emotions in this story I think.
    6. I honestly don't see anything really to revise. One thing you could do is space out your paragraphs more, it would just be easier to read. Other then that you did awesome!